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Want to have a say in things? Vote here to tell us which Habits you wanted added to the roster. The most popular choices win—plain and simple.

Habit of the month: November 2015

Each month we feature a new Habit from either the political, historical, or literary realm. The winner comes from your votes, so make your voice heard and help us select the next Habit of the Month!

Theme: Former US Presidents

Front: Each Habit bears "USA", along with a historically relevant American flag (the Betsy Ross flag for Washington, the Fort Sumter flag for Lincoln, and the modern 50-star flag for Kennedy and Reagan).

Back: Number represents the order of each individual's Presidency.

2016 Presidential Candidates

We kicked off our Presidential Candidates line of Habits with the Democrats. Tell us which Republican candidate's Habit you'd like to rock and we'll start selling the most popular choices. 

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