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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spend the money that you receive? 

  • We receive money from ticket and auction sales from our events, pay out any event-related costs, then donate whatever is remaining to the charity or charities listed on the event page.

What are your costs? 

  • Because all of our staff are volunteers and we do not have office space or other major operational costs, 100% of our costs for any given event are specifically related to putting on that event. For example, if we rent out a suite at a baseball game, the only portion of your ticket price that doesn't go to charity will be the cost of the suite. This means that we are maximizing your contribution to give as much of it as possible to charity. Often, we are able to negotiate special group and non-profit discounts, which further increases the overall charitable impact. All other minor operational costs (like maintaining this website) come out of our own pockets, or come from specific operational-related contributions.

How do I know that you're actually giving the money to charity? 

  • We take our transparency very seriously (that's also why we put the names, photos, and LinkedIn profiles of every member of our Leadership Team right on our website). After the conclusion of each event, we post receipts of all of our charitable contributions. In addition, we will post all of our tax returns once they are available (pending any legal restrictions). If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, we invite you to email us at

Why shouldn't I just give to charity directly? 

  • You should! We do not see our events as stealing a piece of the charity pie. Rather, we see giving back—in all its forms—as an ever-expanding pie. We hope that we can inspire additional giving to both our partner charities and the many other organizations that are fighting justice in all its forms.

Where are you holding events? 

  • Right now, we are only holding events in New York City, but we are looking to expand over the next few months. 

Is going to Bangs & Report events all I need to do to be an engaged citizen? 

  • Only you can answer that question for yourself, but the belief of all of the members of our Leadership Team is that organizing and attending Bangs & Report events is just one of the many actions that we take to stay involved in our communities. We make sure to read reputable news publications, volunteer our time, and vote in local, state, and national elections.

Speaking of elections, does Bangs & Report make political contributions? 

  • No. We do not make political contributions, and all of the charities that we work with are not directly politically affiliated.

How can I learn about when new events go on sale? 

  • We thought you'd never ask! Fill out the form below to join our mailing list and be first in line to get tickets to all of our upcoming events.